BC Robust 0807
Reg # 18456252 •  Tattoo: 807C  •  Birthdate: 12/26/2015

      BC Eagle Eye 110-7
Sire: BC Surveyor 680D
      BC 2266 Prides Lass 4132 680

      BC Pure Pride 327-8
Dam: BC 327-8 CP Belle 0-807
       BC 607 CP Belle MF 807


BC Robust 0807 was the high selling bull sourced out of the 2017 Conley Angus Bull Sale.  He was the lead off bull in the Champion Yearling Pen of 3 bulls at the 2017 NWSS; Reserve Senior Bull Calf Champion at the 2016 American Royal ROV Angus Show; the Reserve Champion Bull Calf at the 2016 National Junior Angus Show; and at the side of his dam as the Champion Mature Pair.  He tabulates BW 78, Adj. 205 950, WR 111, YR 109 and a yearling SC of 39.  He is a very balanced bull: long spined, big hipped and very photogenic in a 5.5 frame; but perhaps his greatest asset is how he stands down on all four corners on as good of feet as I’ve seen in an Angus bull.

McCumber Steadfast 809
Reg # 19181167 •  Tattoo: 809  •  Birthdate: 01/15/2018

      Mc Cumber Titanium 3127
Sire: Mc Cumber Steadfast 635
      Miss Wix 2003 of Mc Cumber

      S A V 8180 Traveler 004
Dam: Lassie 706 of Mc Cumber
       Lassie 0006 of Mc Cumber


809 was our pick from the 2019 McCumber Sale. He is a well balanced bull, clean fronted and long made. A calving ease option with some go, 809 posted BW 84, 205 798, WR 110, YW 1448, YR 112, YSC 38 with an actual REA of 17.60 to ratio 131; along with an IMF of 3.15/107. His dam has a strong track record as well, having never missed an A. I. service on 11 calves, posting a NR of 103.

McCumber Titanium 5197
Reg # 18168146  •  Tattoo: 5197  •  Birthdate: 02/09/2015

       Sinclair Fortunate Son
Sire: Mc Cumber Titanium 3127
       Miss Wix 926 OF Mc Cumber

       Sitz Rainmaker 6536
Dam: Miss Wix 062 of Mc Cumber
       Miss WX 6145 of Mc Cumber


5197 is a wide=based bull and expressive capacity, volume and mass. He is packing a ton of muscle and carries it in a sound, well balanced package.  He weaned off with an actual weaning weight of 815 lbs. for a 205 day weight of 770 lbs. for a ratio of 108. He gained over 4 lbs/day and has a 365 day weight of 1431 lbs. for a ratio of 108. He has a REA of 16.0sq. in. for a ratio of 114, and confirms the visual muscle he displays. His Pathfinder dam is a wide made, big bodied, neat uddered daughter of Sitz Rainmaker 6536 and is produced by Miss Wix 6145 of Mc Cumber, the top 4X13 daughter out of Miss Wix 7111 of Mc Cumber. 

Chapman Memento 0511X
Reg # 1571503  •  Tattoo: SWC 0511X  •  Birthdate: March 13, 2010

       SINCLAIR LADY 06S3 4465

       O C C MOONSHINE 740M

0511 was recently repurchased back after serving as the senior herd sire at the Lacombe Beef Cattle Research Centre, where he was used in their spring, summer and fall breeding program for 3 consecutive years.  The purebred daughters are very hard to fault, and the commercial daughters would make a lot of purebred herds reconsider. The udders are extra sweet as is the overall phenotype and fertility.  His donor dam is sired by OCC Moonshine who is double bred to Dixie Erica of CH 1019.  Interestingly enough, the scientific research protocols at the research centre have shown 0511 to be positive not only in how his progeny grade on the rail, but also in their ability to excel in feed conversion.  The bull has proven his libido, ability to sire both sons and daughters right in type, and cattle that hit the mark on the rail - with less inputs.  It's no surprise though after multi-generations of selecting cattle based on a 100% Forage-Only system.

Chapman Memento 0505X
Reg # 1571495  •  Tattoo: SWC 0505X  •  Birthdate: 02/26/2010

       SINCLAIR LADY 06S3 4465

       O C C JOKER 620J


0505X pedigree consists of multiple generations of top females known for fertility, udder composition, and adaptability.  He easily stamps his progeny to fit any grass-based program; siring easy fleshing, forage efficient cattle that will thrive in even the harshest environments.  He has bred 346 cows naturally in the past 5 years; obviously possessing exceptional libido and is highly fertile, testing 96% as a 5 year old bull.  One of the best parts about 0505X is his outstanding dam and the cow family behind him. His donor dam, Rev Erica 5752R, is a true 1350 lb cow; a moderate, easy fleshing, good footed daughter of OCC Joker 620J.  Her udder is typical of the Joker-bred females and sets the standard for quality with small well placed teats, and snug rear and fore udder attachment.  0505X isn’t a terminal performance sire yet he has sired our high selling bull in both 2015 and 2016 averaging $32,000. This line has proven its ability to sire added capacity, appetite and conversion, and super sweet udders on the daughters.  Moderate, efficient, maternal – not just buzzwords.

McCumber 8R101 Rito 161
Reg #16976390  •  Tattoo: 161  •  Birthdate: 01/26/2011

       R R Rito 707
Sire: Sinclair Entrepreneur 8R101
       N Bar Kinochtry Beauty Z1925

       Pine Creek Right Time 1147
Dam: B Pride 463 of Mc Cumber
       B Pride 273 of Mc Cumber


McCumber 8R101 Rito 161

Sire: Sinclair Entrepeneur 8R101
(photo courtesy of McCumber Angus Ranch)

Dam: B Pride 463 of McCumber
(photo courtesy of McCumber Angus Ranch)


Impressive phenotype and genotype describes 161 who has proved to be a reliable source of herd building genetics.  161 is a masculine, muscular beef bull with an abundance of shape to his top, width to his rump, and depth from fore rib to flank. Sound-footed, he is wide-based, smooth shouldered, tight sheathed, and posted an ADG of 3.98 lbs/day and earned a 365 day weight of 1312 lbs to ratio 106. His scan data was solid as well with an IMF ratio of 110, and a REA ratio of 102.  His Pathfinder donor dam, B Pride of McCumber 463 has not missed posting a WWR 7@110, YWR 7@106, IMF 6@110, REA @100, and her grand dam was still in production at the age 18.  His sire is the result of mating the standard for performance and longevity, Rito 707, with an N-Bar donor who was still in production at the age of 17.  His daughters are establishing themselves as productive brood cows with the wedge shaped look and nice tidy udders. 

Chapman Memento 3589A
Reg #1752973  •  Tattoo: SWC 3589A  •  Birthdate: 23/04/2013




3589A is the next generation of Memento’s, and was our $48,000 high selling bull in 2015 to Crescent Creek Angus, SK.  His dam 8065U is quickly proving herself as one of the top cows on the ranch, being designated an Elite dam with the Canadian Angus Association on her first four calves recorded and posts a with a WR of 6/112 and a YR of 6/123.  His Right Time grandmother is near the top in terms of phenotype and posts a WR and YR of 10/107 and 10/104 respectively.  The great granddam was one of my favorite original Walling Ranch cows to come up from Winifred, MT sired by N Bar Impact U1253. The Memento's are fast becoming a prominent sire line for moderation, base width, and capacity.  Females are exhibiting great udders with extra rib and are very economical to maintain.

Chapman Memento 0513X
Reg # 1571505  •  Tattoo: SWC 0513X  •  Birthdate: 19/03/2010

       SINCLAIR LADY 06S3 4465

       O C C MOONSHINE 740M
       CROWFOOT 3778N


0513X sold through our 2012 bull sale as one of the sale features to the good commercial Reimer herd in Carrot River, SK., and was repurchased to add to the quadruplicity of 8RL5 sons.  0513’s donor dam was selected as a feature bred heifer in the 2006 Crowfoot Dispersal, posting individual weaning and yearling ratios of 105 and 126 respectively.  She is moderate, sound in all four directions and has recorded weaning and yearling ratios of 107 and 101 on seven calves; with two sons retained and five daughters retained.  0513X sires wide muzzle, efficient cattle with good feet, extra depth and classic Angus character.

Crowfoot Equation 5793R
Reg # 1254914  •  Tattoo: CFCC 5793R  •  Birthdate: 01/26/2005

       O C C Echelon 857E
Sire: O C C Legacy 839L
       O C C Dixie Erica 960E

       Tomwall Pied Piper 413
Dam: Crowfoot Forks 755K
       Gladwall B Rev Erica 7289


Our pick of the OCC Legacy sons to use, Equation was a real powerhouse out of a beautiful Tomwall Pied Piper 413 daughter, a granddaughter of Shoshone PP 7105, the bull Tom Walling believed to be the best cow maker he had ever used.  Equation packed a lot of muscle, had good structure and large testicles and was an efficient breeder.  He naturally bred until the age of ten and had excellent feet.  We have used this bull heavy for many years because he has done as many things right as any bull we have used so far.  His dam earned a WR of 105 and a YR of 111 was one of the high-selling females in the Crowfoot Dispersal.  Equations paternal granddam, OCC Dixie Erica 960E, is a beautiful OCC Anchor 771A daughter and is also the dam of OCC Hunter 928E.

XO Crowfoot EQU 268Z
Reg # 1689402  •  Tattoo: XO 268Z  •  Birthdate: 19/02/2012

       O C C LEGACY 839L

       CROWFOOT 6071S


Selected from the 2013 Crowfoot Bull Sale as their high selling bull. “268” carries forward the Equation downline known for good structure and excellent females. A 4-star calving ease sire, his individual performance had him at the top of his large contemporary group posting a WR and YR of 112 and 116 respectively while posting IMF and Ribeye ratio’s of 108 and 110. His dam was designated an Elite female within the Canadian Angus Association with a WR of 4/109; and his maternal great granddam was also designated elite with a WR of 4/108.

Crowfoot Joker 6172S
Reg # 1316033  •  Tattoo: CFCC 6172S  •  Birthdate: 28/01/2006

       O C C EMBLAZON 854E
Sire: O C C JOKER 620J
       O C C JUANADA 709V

Dam: CFCC 1801L


Owned with Crowfoot Cattle Company, Standard, AB
A stout and powerful son of OCC Joker 620J, 6172S has proven year after year his ability to sire moderate, efficient and functional cattle ideal for grass utilization.  The HD50k dna test validates his genetic propensity to convert less feed into more pounds.  With over 60 daughters in production here, it is evident they are the most efficient and productive.  Utilize a Joker for their maternal potential, favorable carcass traits, and conversion efficiency – proven genetics for any grass-based outfit.

Sinclair Rito 9R7
Reg # 1583293  •  Tattoo: IMP 9R7W  •  Birthdate: 19/02/2009

       R R RITO 707
       IDEAL 1456 OF 8103 8114

       SINCLAIR K BTY 25F3 Z189


9R7 is a high capacity, wide based, thick made bull that is old line Rito, ensuring correctness and functionality.   9R7 weaned off his mother at 742 lbs and recorded a 365 day weight of 1355 lbs for a weaning and yearling ratio of 114 and 122 respectively.  He has a classy, masculine beef bull look along with a wide, deep quarter and excellent scrotal development that he stamps into his sons with authority, yet leaving wedge-shaped, feminine daughters with extra rib shape.  His first daughter to sell publicly commanded $12,000 to Casa Branca Agropastoril of Argentina.  9R7 has been an excellent breeding bull naturally siring 360 calves in his 6 years here.  With calves across North America and Brazil including two research test centres, and a high-accuracy EPD profile identifying him as a trait leader for WW & YW, 9R7 has proven he has the performance, phenotype, and pedigree to establish himself as a herd-building sire with a balance of traits.

McCumber 307 Fortunate 7141
Reg # 18844419  •  Tattoo: 7141  •  Birthdate: 01/31/2017

      Sinclair Fortunate Son
Sire: Mc Cumber Fortunate 307
      Miss Wix 9122 OF Mc Cumber

       O C C Tremendous 619
Dam: B Pride 2143 of Mc Cumber
      B Pride 0135 of Mc Cumber


7141 was our pick and 3rd high selling bull out of the 2018 McCumber Angus Bull Sale.   Statistically he is in line with a BW 82, 205 754, WR 104, YW 1466, YR 111, YSC 38.  More importantly, everything about 7141 indicates a cow maker. He is triple bred Sinclair Extra 4X13 and out of an outstanding OCC Tremendous 619T dam.  He is a long-spined bull, highly fertile and is structurally hard to fault.

Sitz Paywieght 749E
Reg # 18746796  •  Tattoo: 749E  •  Birthdate: 01/19/2017

     Basin Payweight 006S
Sire: Basin Payweight 1682
     21AR O Lass 7017

      Connealy Thunder
Dam: Sitz Forever Lady 612T
     Sitz Forever Lady 63M


In search of an outcross pedigree that offers a phenotype similar to ours, we chose 749 as one of the higher dollar bulls in the spring ‘18 Sitz Bull Sale.  He posted a BW 87, WW 775, YW 1340, and YSC 40; and is a result of an embryo mating between the highly proven Basin Payweight 1682 and the Pathfinder donor Sitz Forever Lady 612T.  She is also the mother behind Sitz Reload 411C.  True to the 1682 downline, his progeny are wide-based, deep made cattle with a marketable phenotype.

Papa Forte 1921 pictured

Coleman Forte 752
Reg # 18949999  •  Tattoo: 752  •  Birthdate: 01/09/2017

     Papa Optima 9818
Sire: Papa Forte 1921
     Papa Envious Blackbird 8832

     Connealy Onward
Dam: Coleman Donna 714
     Coleman Donna 386


A month prior to acquiring Forte 752 through the ’18 Coleman Bull Sale, we had placed a large quantity semen order on Coleman Bravo 6313, anticipating what his valuation would be when Joe Goggins said sold!  Bravo commanded $450k, which is about $1M Canadian dollars, so we purchased 752, Bravo’s maternal brother.  752 has a unique and proven maternal lineage, being sired by Papa Forte known for several profit-oriented traits such as calving ease and calf vigor; as well as moderate framed, easy fleshing females with good fertility.  Add in the legacy of the Donna 714 donor and 752 has a pedigree by design for moderate, functional and fertile Angus females.

Chapman Coalition 4557B
Reg # 1892847   •  Tattoo: SWC 4557B  •  Birthdate: 17/04/2014


      O C C JOKER 620J
     PAT LADY ERICA 8984


Coalition is one of the best kept secrets here and has created a proof of production the old school way; having ran in multi-sire groups his first two years where nature has the final say.  A product of our in-house embryo program, Coalition has a herd bull look and possesses as good a foot as I’ve seen on a five year old bull.  He looks a lot like his Pathfinder sire, Sitz Alliance 6595 at that age and carries the maternal legacy of the Lady Erica cow family where his dam served as an inhouse donor, as well as his donor granddam who produced until 18 years of age. 

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